Why Linux is for Everyone

Many people think that Linux is only used by Computer programmers and nerds, well, that was correct a decade ago but now, with all the advancement in the user interface of Linux Distributions, there are no reasons to not give it a try.

Many of the new distributions are actually easier to use and way better looking than any other operating system out there. They also got tonnes of features and also comes with great security.

Here are a few reasons why Linux is for everyone.

1. Easy to use

Most of the Linux distributions are better looking than any other Operating System and you can customize everything the way you like.

2. Every app at one place

Just like Android and iOS, many Linux distributions have their own Application Store to download and manage packages. This makes it way easier to install and update packages.

3. Update when you like

Updates are not forced on user unlike Windows. Users can choose when they can update their system and there is no need to restart.

4. More security

Linux is known for its security. There is no need to install antivirus on the system. Also, no need to worry about installing anything since every app is available through App Store.

5. Light weight

Even when you open multiple apps at the same time, the performance is still great with very less RAM consumption and CPU not even touching 25% of its speed which is a good thing for battery life.

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