8085 Program to Calculate 8-bit Sum of N 8-bit Numbers

8085 is a Microprocessor which was developed by Intel in 1970s. All the instructions in this microprocessor are encoded in a single byte. Some of the instructions are followed by one or two bytes of data, which can be a memory address, an immediate operand or a port number.

In this post, we will write a program in 8085 to calculate 8-bit sum of N 8-bit numbers.


Address <- 2400H
C <- M[Address]
A <- 0
Address <- Address + 1
A <- A + M[Address]
C <- C - 1
If C is not zero, goto 4
Address <- Address + 1
M[Address] <- A

Flow Chart


      LXI H, 2400H
      MOV C, M
      MOV A, 00H
      ADD M
      DCR C
      JNZ BACK
      INX H
      MOV M,A
      RST 5


2400H: 04
2401H: 01
2402H: 02
2403H: 03
2404H: 04
2405H: 0A  ->  Output

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